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TRACEZ Training & Consultancy Services established in 2009, is engaged in providing training and consultancy services to enhance human capabilities for industries in India and the Middle East. Highly specialised in Competency Identification, Development, Assessment & Certification activities for both technical and non-technical positions for all types of industries. Our team of professionals including Trainers, Consultants, Technical writers, Competency Assessors & Internal Verifiers bring in their hands-on experience to enhance customer experience.

We offer the following services to all types of Industries, Engineering and Management institutions;

  • Training (Technical, HSE & Leadership)
  • Competency Identification, Development, Assessment & Certification
  • Technical Documentation
  • HSE Audits
  • Competence Assessor Training & Certification
  • Internal verifier Training & Certification
  • HR support services for Training & Development
  • Online training & Certification
  • Electrical Competency Assessment & Certification
  • Training for Engineering Students/institutes
  • Engineers Training & Placement
  • Faculty Training & Development
  • EEP- Employability Enhancement Program for fresh Engineers
  • Onboarding for fresh recruits

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