Certified Professional Engineer Program
Certified Professional Engineer Program

Young engineers of this generation are definitely more intelligent and also tech savvy compared with those engineers who graduated few decades back. Fresh engineers’ capabilities and employability levels are subjects of discussion always for media and professional bodies.

As per the media reports, the employability levels of new engineers are not up to the expectations of current employers. TRACEZ training team has done lot of study and identified the areas of improvement that required for enhancing the employability skills of engineering graduates.

The essential capabilities (knowledge, skills & behaviours) that required for an engineering graduate to secure an employment and deliver efficiently at work include;

TRACEZ India, based @Kochi, Kerala has launched an exclusive capability development program for fresh engineers. The CPE - Certified Professional Engineer Program is aimed to develop the basic capabilities of engineering graduates that will support them to get suitable employment and also build their confidence to deliver efficiently at work.

The CPE program focus on developing Applied engineering knowledge, Basic health & safety and essential Behavioral skills for engineers This is an exclusive program for developing the capabilities of fresh engineers. This program is suitable for those who already got their placement and also for those graduates looking for a placement

Fully practical program
Duration: 3 Months
Indian & International Certification
First Comprehensive program in India,
aimed to develop capabilities
of fresh engineers
The CPE program will help you
not only to find a suitable job but also
to deliver the assigned jobs well.
CPE program will Shape the future of Indian Engineers
Work based practical training
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