Competency Assessment
Competency Assessment & Certification

Strength of an organisation is its employees. Organizations that aims to achieve its goals in terms continual improvement of Safety, Productivity, Quality, Profitability, Stability and Growth must pay attention to the enhancement of capabilities of its human resources, in a systematic and planned manner.
Competency of the employees to deliver their job roles safely and efficiently is one of the deciding factors in the continued success of any organization. Competency is the state of having the required knowledge, skill & behaviors to execute a given task or job role in line with the organization’s standards/procedures.
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TRACEZ Global is one of the pioneers in the Asian region having high level of expertise in Competency Identification, Development, Assessment & Certification systems for all types of industries.

Competency Certification for both Technical & Non technical job positions

TRACEZ team provides training, standards & structure for the assessment and certification of both Technical and Non-technical job positions.

Setting up Competency Frame work- CFW

Setting up Competency Frame work: TRCAEZ offers the setting up of a customized, transparent & dynamic Competency frame work system for the complete workforce of an Organisation by providing the process, structure, coaching and documentation.
TRACEZ Competency Process
TRACEZ offer TCP 6, the following 6 stage Competency Identification, Gap Analysis, Development, Assessment & Certification process for all industries.

  • Setting up the Competency frame work
  • Competency Mapping
  • Provide all documentation
    • JCPs - Job Competence Profiles
    • Competency Gap Analysis tools
    • Customised Assessment standards including Units, Element, Performance criteria & Knowledge Specifications
    • Work Place Assessor Manuals – WAM Document
    • Candidates’ Guides, etc.
  • Assess & Certify all staff as per job roles.
  • Develop internal capability by developing Trainers & Assessors
Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment is the process of collecting evidences and mapping the evidences against the competency standards to confirm whether or not the candidate achieved the required level of performance ( knowledge, skills & behaviours) in delivering the given task.

  • Competency Assessment and certification to be performed only by Certified Assessors.
  • Competency assessment systems use customized Assessment standards developed for the specific task/competence element
  • Assessment standards will identify the knowledge details, skills to be tested and behaviours to be observed during the performance of a task as part of the assessment
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