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FDP - Faculty Development Programs

This Faculty Development Program is aimed to develop the capabilities of the engineering college faculty memebrs those who are new to teaching profession, to develop and deliver teaching sessions efficiently and effectively. Basic understanding on industrial applications of engineering principles, supported with excellent teaching abilities will make a lecturer very effective in classrooms.

This 4 weeks program includes modules on industrial application specific to engineering disciplines coupled with industries visit, Train the Trainer program and also modules to develop effective communication & presentation skills.

It is important for faculties to develop healthy relations with students. Train the trainer program delivered as part of CDP will focus to develop the basic skills including relationship building, communication & presentation, conducting effective assessment, motivating & counselling, coaching & mentoring, team building & working in a productive team, etc. that required for teachers of this generation.

This program also focus to develop the knowledge of participants up-to-date with technological changes as most of the recent developments in industrial sector many not be captured in the curriculum followed by most of the universities.

  • Train the Trainer
  • Technical English
  • Communication & Presentation skills
  • Additional soft skills
  • Industry visits
  • Assessment & Certification
Mode of Delivery
  • Highly visual powerpoint slider
  • Videos & graphics
  • Case studies
  • Practical assignments
  • Assessments for each modules
  • Group discissions & presentations by candidates
  • Industry Visits
  • Final Assessment & Certification
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