Technical Training
Technical Training Programs

TRACEZ provide training programs for developing fresh graduates and for upskilling existing employees. Technical Training Programs are developed and delivered by engineers having many years’ experience with major industries across globe. Our expertise includes; Design, Construction, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection, QA/QC, etc.

Services from Tracez India recruitment Hub
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production systems
  • Oil Refineries
  • Power & Water Systems
  • Waste Water Treatment systems
  • Chemical & Petrochemicals Industries
  • Fertilizers

We provide customized training programs for each industry/organization inline with the participants job roles and equipment/systems that they are assigned to work with. We provide experiential training and encourage collaborative learning

  • Customised as per client’s requirement
  • High quality training material- PPT, Handout, Videos, etc.
  • Interactive training sessions /involvement of all participants
  • Trainers/Faculties- Engineers having both field & training experience
  • Separate programs for Engineers and Technicians for all disciplines.
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