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TRACEZ Recruitment Hub based at Kochi, India is engaged in providing Recruitment & Placement services for our clients in India and the Middle East. TRACEZ India based at Kochin has established a full-fledged recruitment hub to support the growing demand of professionals in India and the Middle East.

Why TRACEZ Recruitment Hub?
  • TRACEZ Team members have many years experience in selection, recruitment and placement activities.
  • Many years’ experience in developing and assessing people skills.
  • Team members having many years’ experience with major industries across globe in both engineering and management positions.
  • Utilise the best tools and practices including On line assessment, Psychometric tests & Behaviour based interviews in the selection process
  • Expertise to develop all supporting documents including job descriptions, written assessments, interview tools, etc.
  • Apply 4 levels of screening process to identify the best candidates, etc.
Services from Tracez India recruitment Hub
  • Provide / book all logistics for client/interview team,
  • Provide professional team members having expertise in conducting behaviour based interview for selection process,
  • Develop customised job descriptions,
  • Sourcing of candidates,
  • Review/scrutinize all CVs by our expert panel,
  • Carryout phone interview/discussions with candidates,
  • Develop customised tools for written tests & Interviews,
  • Coordinate / carry out the selection process,
  • Follow up with candidates, etc.
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